Redefining Construction        

Improving Life with Technology

G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

Outclass conventional construction approach with new material, new technology and new process.

More comfortable homes/buildings with higher efficiency, lower cost, better quality, and better thermal efficiency.
Create more local job opportunities.

We are not only making a transformation but making a brand new future in architecture.

Urban Renewal Around the World              
Looking at the prospect of worldwide urbanization in the upcoming 10 years,                          
G-SONGUO will be ready to meet the increasing demand in housing and construction market.

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    % Reduction of production cost

    Higher cost-effectiveness

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    A 30m² house can be completed and fully furnished by 4 workers in 2 days


  • 100

    % Automated mass production line

    Improvement of local employment quality

  • 13.35

    13.35 times less carbon emission, with no construction waste left over at site

    Environmentally friendly


Future has arrived. Intelligence and digital technology have been widely applied into G-SONGUO's factory manufacturing & construction. 

G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

Relevant data shows that, in the past two decades, the development of AEC industry did not correspond to the rapid growth of China's real estate industry. 


Capital and labor productivity of the global construction industry has decreased by about 30% and 20% respectively, resulting in severe housing shortage.

Integrated wall,high precision
wall flatness tolerance ±0.3mm
thickness of 120mm-200mm;
The thickness of the insulation layer is nearly 3 times that of conventional construction, with R-value of 6.5/inch. 



Tensile strength of wall panel is 440 Mpa, which can be directly drilled.


The wall panels are corrosion-resistant  for a hundred years.



*The data provided by G-SONGUO has been verified and tested.


G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

Integrated technologies and products simplify complex building construction like building blocks. 

The two-storey, 170m² sample house for Naya Pakistan project was completed and fully furnished by 7 ordinary workers, demonstrating our state-of-the-art production and management technologies.

G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

G-SONGUO's functional integrated panel with thermal insulation layer


According to China's building code,  
requirement for the load of building panel is 200kg/㎡ (residence buildings) and 300-400kg/㎡ (public buildings).
Load of G-SONGUO's 140mm floor panel is 500kg/㎡. 



Year-round construction, superior quality, better safety
Convenient transportation, no construction waste, less noise and dust
Carbon emission is decreased by 13.35 times,

which is the most environmental-friendly green construction approach in the world.  


Projects and Cooperation

High-Quality, Low-Cost National Housing Project in Ecuador, South America


High-Quality, Low-Cost National Housing Project in Ecuador, South America
"National Housing" Project of cooperation with G-SONGUO and Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office Naya Housing & Development Authority of Pakistan


"National Housing" Project of cooperation with G-SONGUO and Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office Naya Housing & Development Authority of Pakistan

News and Activities


Official leaders of Prime Minister's NAPHDA (Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority), Ministry of Housing & Works, ...

G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.


G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

November 9, 2020

G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

G-SONGUO Improve livelihood with technology

G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

Online livestream

G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Believing in the power of technology for the good
Bringing transformational changes to stagnant industry

Compared to the conventional buildings, G-SONGUO's construction speed has increased up to maximum of 100-300%, and the price has reduced by more than 30-50%, at the same time, even meeting the customer's requirements.
Building components are manufactured in the factory production line; then, delivered by containers to the final destination for on-site assembly, a true modular housing product.

New composite technology has brought new revolution.

Weight of a conventional precast concrete is 2,402.77 kg/m³*,

while G-SONGUO's standard wall only weighs 180 kg/m³.

Conventional precast concrete buildings can be designed for 100-year service life with minimal upkeep. 
G-SONGUO’s new material modular buildings can be designed for 100-year maintenance free in service life  

Data from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that
the carbon footprint of precast concrete building is 388.77 grams of CO2 per ton-mile
while the carbon footprint of G-SONGUO's product is 29.12 grams of CO2 per ton-mile,decreased by 13.35 times.

*Data sources from Precast Concrete Institute (PCI)


Lead revolution with innovation

G-SONGUO’s large-scale application of SE (simultaneous engineering) and ME (mechanical engineering) into construction industry enabled mass production of modular components within factory and quick & simple on-site installation. 
This has enhanced to achieve product standardization, high cost-effectiveness, reduction in carbon emissions, demonstrating our intention of technology to be good, caring for people's lives and green earth.

Headquarters of G-SONGUO is based in China (New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex, Dezhou High-Tech Zone, Shandong Province), and R&D Center is located in South Korea (Yongin City, Gyeonggi-do). 
G-SONGUO believes in the power of science & technology for the good; aims to lead the change, and provide to the 3 billion homeless in the world with our products, improving people's life quality. 
We have bravely started making changes in many regions, and will persist in doing so.

G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

Ageing society, reality we cannot avoid


Many countries around the world, including Japan and China, have already stepped into ageing society. Statistics show that more than 50% of China's current construction workers are over 40 years old. Given that China's urbanization still has 10 years to go, there will be no successor in the future construction industry.
In conclusion, industrialization of construction and application of intelligence into factory manufacturing & construction, as G-SONGUO is pursuing, is the way to solve future's labor shortage.

Technological innovation, seek better ways to develop industry  


Sheltering the less fortunate with a better home
G-SONGUO believes in creativity beyond expectation and "technology for good"; and this belief is how it made it possible to make bold changes in the conventional architecture/construction industry with G-SONGUO's new composite materials, new technologies, and new techniques.
G-SONGUO, endlessly making developments, redefining the AEC(architecture, engineering, construction) industry, and even further branching out to development of new industries, is committed to making warm homes for the people and going green for the planet.

Global cooperation and all-round development have started to spread.


With its advanced technology, G-SONGUO has initiated comprehensive cooperation with local governments and private partners in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and America. By improving efficiency of housing construction and further reducing costs through localized manufacturing, it will enhance employment and integration of culture. Our research and innovation continue, to reach our goal to enable future buildings like "lego blocks" that can be installed by anyone, which also provides higher intelligence and deeper experience.



G-SONGUO Composites Technology Co.,Ltd.

Trust in power of technology to do good
Redefining construction

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