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The company has completed the model house manufacturing at the end of July. After preliminary tests, it has the following advantages:

■ The wall material itself is strong, the compressive strength is 1.7Mpa, and the bending strength is above 10Mpa;

■ The wall thermal conductivity is less than 0.03w/m•k, the heat insulation performance is superior, and the energy saving effect is remarkable;

■ Good fireproof performance, the material itself is B1 fireproof, and the structural fireproof performance is superior;

■ High seismic level, the seismic fortification intensity can reach 8 degrees, suitable for post-disaster reconstruction applications;

■ The materials can be recycled and reused and are environmentally friendly;

■ The construction period is short. An independent building with an area of 85 square meters will be transported to the installation site in containers after production is completed in the factory. 4 workers can complete the installation (including furniture and home appliances) in 2 days;

■ The construction process is green and environmentally friendly, does not produce any waste or construction waste, and realizes a real green home and checked in with bags;

■ Diverse types, customizable, accurate geometric dimensions to meet different needs.

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