Opinions of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development about accelerating the industrialization development of the new type of buildings

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(Summary description)The Department (Committee, Management committee) of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Education, Science and Technology, competent department of Industry and Information Technology, Natural Resources and the department (ministry) of Ecological Environment

Opinions of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development about accelerating the industrialization development of the new type of buildings

(Summary description)The Department (Committee, Management committee) of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Education, Science and Technology, competent department of Industry and Information Technology, Natural Resources and the department (ministry) of Ecological Environment

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-04 11:58
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The Department (Committee, Management committee) of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Education, Science and Technology, competent department of Industry and Information Technology, Natural Resources and the department (ministry) of Ecological Environment, Shanghai headquarters, branches, business management department, capital center branch and of People’s Bank, Market Supervision Bureau(Department, Committee), Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Ministrty of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Education Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, competent department of Nature Resources, the Ministry of Ecological Environment and the Administration for Market Regulation:

The new construction industrialization is driven by the new generation of information technology, with the whole life cycle of the project systematic integrated design, lean production and construction as the main means, which has achieved the engineering construction of high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, low emissions through the integration of industry chain, value chain and innovation chain. Since the issuance and implementation of the Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Vigorous Development of Prefabricated Buildings ([2016] No. 71 issued by State Council of PRC), the industrialization of new buildings represented by prefabricated buildings has been rapidly promoted, and the construction level and construction quality have been significantly improved. In order to fully implement the new development concept, promote green and high-quality development in urban and rural construction, drive the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the construction industry through the industrialization of new construction, and create an internationally competitive "Made in China" brand, the following opinions are put forward.

Ⅰ. Strengthen the design of functional integration    

(1)Promote coordination across the industrial chain. The architect responsibility system will be launched for the new construction industrialization projects and design units are encouraged to provide whole-process consulting services. Optimize the preliminary technical planning scheme of the project, make overall planning and design, production and transportation of components and parts, construction and installation, and operation and maintenance management. Guide construction units and general contractors to take the final construction products and comprehensive benefits as the goal, and promote the upstream and downstream resources sharing, system integration and linkage development of the industrial chain.

(2)Facilitate the coordination of multiple majors. Advance the multi-functional integration design of construction, structure, facility pipeline and decoration by means of digital design to improve the integrity of the architecture, avoid secondary split design, ensure that the design depth meets the requirements of production and construction, and give full play to the comprehensive advantages of the new building industrialization system integration.

(3)Promote standardized design. Optimize design selection standard, conduct standardized design of construction plane, elevation, components & parts and interface, and advocate less specification and multiple combination design method. Promote prefabricated building system with the focus on the school, hospital, office building, hotel and residence, etc. 

(4)Strengthen technological verification of the designing scheme.Implement the architectural design requirements of the standardized design of the new building industrialization project, the organic unification of the industrial construction and the architectural style, so as to shape the urban characteristic style. During the period of review for the architectural design scheme, strengthen the verification of the implementation of the design requirements of the new construction industrialization project, to avoid the uniformity of architectural style.

Ⅱ.Improve the production of components and spare parts  

(5)Promote the standardization of components and spare parts. Compile the size guide of main components, promote the factory production of shaped steel and concrete components, precast concrete wall panels, laminated floor slabs, stairs and other common components, meet the requirements of standardized design and selection, expand the use scale of standardized components and parts, and gradually reduce the production cost of components and parts.

(6)Optimize the integrated construction parts. Compile related standard atlas of integrated and modular building parts, improve the industrial supporting capacity of construction parts, such as overall bathroom, integrated kitchen, integrated doors and windows, etc., and gradually form a standardized and serialized building parts supply system.

(7)Facilitate demand and supply balance of the production capacity. Taking the transportation and service radius of components and parts into account, guide the rational distribution of production capacity, strengthen market information monitoring, regularly release supply and demand information of components and parts, and improve capacity utilization rate.

(8)Advance the verification of construction components and parts. Edit the relevant technical requirements for new industrial building components and parts, implement the quality certification system, complete the supporting insurance system, and improve the supporting capacity and quality level of products.

(9)Promote the application of green building materials. New building materials will be developed which are safe, healthy, environmentally friendly and have excellent performance. With the promotion of the certification and application of green building materials, prefabricated buildings and other new building industrialization projects are encouraged to take the lead in adopting green building materials, and gradually increase the proportion of green building materials used in new urban buildings.

Ⅲ. Promote streamlined construction

(10)Vigorously develop steel structure buildings. Hospitals, schools and other public buildings are encouraged to adopt steel structures as a priority, and actively promote the construction of steel-structure residential buildings and agricultural houses. Improve the performance and technical measures of fire prevention and corrosion prevention of steel structure buildings, increase the application of hot rolled H-beam steel, weathering steel and fire-resistant steel, and promote the comprehensive development of key technologies of steel structure construction and related industries.

(11)Promote prefabricated concrete buildings. Improve the prefabricated concrete building structure system which can be suitable for different building types, and increase the integrated application of high-performance concrete, high strength steel bar, energy dissipation, shock absorption and prestressing techniques. Actively apply prefabricated concrete structures in government-subsidized housing and commercial housing, and encourage the application of prefabricated internal partitions, stair slabs and floor slabs in all areas where conditions are permitted.

(12)Advance complete renovation of the buildings. Complete renovation should be promoted in the prefabricated buildings and star-level green building projects. Actively develop fully furnished houses and advocate complete package decoration to meet the personalized needs of consumers. Promote the application of assembly decoration in commercial housing projects, popularize pipeline separation and integrated decoration technology, and popularize integrated modular building parts, so as to improve the decoration quality and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

(13)Optimize construction technology and method. Implement assembly way of green construction, and guide the construction enterprises to research and develop construction technologies and methods which are suitable for lean construction, such as construction parts lifting, transport, storage, interface and so on. Popularize the application of supporting equipment and machinery, for example, locating the steel plate with bar. Improve the construction industrialization level in material transport, steel processing and welding at heights. 

(14)Innovate the construction organization approach. Improve the lean construction organization  mode suitable for the industrialization of new buildings, popularize the integrated mode of design, procurement, production and construction, implement the coordination construction of prefabricated building decoration and furnishing with the main structure, mechanical and electrical equipment, give full play to the advantages of structure and decoration in intersecting construction, and improve the level of fine management on the construction site.

(15)Improve the construction quality and benefit. Strengthen the quality and safety control of key parts and processes such as the entry of components and parts, construction and installation, joint grouting, sealing and waterproofing. Strengthen the quality and safety technical disclosure of construction management personnel and front-line operators. Comprehensively improve the construction quality and benefits through technical optimization and integration of organization and management in the whole process.

Ⅳ. Speed up the development of the information technology integration

(16)Vigorously promote the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. Accelerate the integration application of BIM technology in the whole industrial life of new buildings. Make full use of social resources, jointly establish and maintain a BIM technology-based standardized  parts and components database, and realize information interconnection and interactive sharing in the stages of design, procurement, production, construction, delivery, operation and maintenance. Promote the BIM establishment and approval and construction drawing review mode in pilot zone. Advance the integration and linkage with the City Information Model (CIM) platform, improve the information supervision ability and the allocation efficiency of the  construction industry chain resource.

(17)Accelerate the application of big data technology. Promote the application of big data technology in engineering project management, bidding and tendering stages, and the credit system construction. By the national market regulation and public service platform, collect, integrate and analyze relevant big data of enterprises, projects, employees and credit information, support the market monitoring and data analysis, and improve the public service capacity and  regulatory efficiency of the building industry.

(18)Promote the application of IoT technology. Promote the integrated application of IoT technologies such as sensor networks, low-power wide area networks, 5G, edge computing, radio frequency identification (RFID), and QR code recognition at smart sites, develop wearable devices, improve the health and safety monitoring capabilities of construction workers, and promote the application of IoT technologies in monitoring and management, energy conservation and emission reduction, and intelligent buildings.

(19)Promote the development of intelligent construction technology. We will accelerate the deep integration of new construction industrialization and high-end manufacturing, and build an Internet platform for the construction industry. Promote the demonstration of intelligent photovoltaic applications and promote the application of photovoltaic power generation systems combined with buildings. We will carry out intelligent upgrading of production equipment and construction equipment to encourage the application of intelligent equipment such as construction robots, industrial robots, and intelligent mobile equipment. Promote smart home, intelligent office, building automation system, improve the convenience and comfort of the building.

Ⅴ. Innovative organizational management model

(20)We will vigorously promote general contracting for the project. The new construction industrialization project actively promotes the general contracting model of the project and promotes the deep integration of design, production, and construction. To guide the key enterprises to improve project management, technological innovation, and resource allocation capabilities, to cultivate engineering general contracting enterprises with comprehensive management capabilities, to implement the main responsibility of the project general contracting unit, and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the project general contracting unit.

(21)Development of the whole process of engineering consulting. We will vigorously develop the whole process engineering consulting service, guided by market demand and meeting the diversified needs of the entrusting party, and cultivate the whole process engineering consulting enterprise with the business ability of survey, design, supervision, bidding agency, and cost.

(22)Improve the supervision of prefabricated components. Strengthen the quality management of prefabricated components, actively adopt the factory-based supervision system, implement the whole process of quality responsibility traceability, encourage the use of component production enterprises for the record management, component quality unannounced inspection, and other means to establish a long-term mechanism.

(23)Explore the engineering insurance system. Establish and improve the project quality insurance and guarantee system, through the insurance risk accident prevention and rate adjustment mechanism to help enterprises strengthen risk control, to ensure the quality of construction projects.

(24)Establish a user supervision mechanism. Prepare a guide for green residential buyers to check the housing, encourage the residential green performance and full decoration quality-related indicators into the commercial housing sales contract, residential quality assurance and residential instruction manual, clear quality warranty liability and dispute resolution methods, to protect the rights and interests of buyers.

Ⅵ. Strengthen scientific and technological support

(25)Cultivate a base for scientific and technological innovation. Set up a number of new construction industrialization technology innovation centers, key laboratories, and other innovation bases, encourage the backbone of enterprises, institutions of higher learning, research institutes, and other joint establishments of new construction industrialization industry technology innovation alliance.

(26)Increase scientific and technological research and development efforts. We will strongly support the research and development of BIM's underlying platform software, increase the joint efforts of steel-framed housing in the areas of enclosing system, material performance, and connection technology, accelerate the quality testing and efficient connection technology research and development of assembly-type concrete structure grout, and strengthen the research and development of intelligent construction technology products such as construction robots.

(27)To promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Establish a new reservoir of major scientific and technological achievements in building industrialization, increase the openness of scientific and technological achievements, promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the innovation and development of new technologies, new materials, new products, and new processes in the field of construction.

Ⅶ. We will accelerate the cultivation of professionals

(28)Cultivate professional and technical management personnel. We will vigorously train new construction industrialization professionals, expand the talents in design, production, construction, and management, strengthen the continuing education of new construction industrialization professionals, and encourage enterprises to establish a CIO system.

(29)Cultivating skilled industrial workers. We will deepen the reform of the construction employment system, improve the evaluation system of the skill level of construction workers, and promote the integration of academic certificates with vocational skill level certificates. We will open up the path of professional development for construction workers, carry forward the spirit of artisans, strengthen vocational skills training, and vigorously cultivate the industrial workforce.

(30)Increase the training of reserve talents. Promote new construction industrialization-related enterprises to carry out school-enterprise cooperation, support schools and enterprises to build a number of modern industrial colleges, support institutions to connect the construction industry to develop new needs, new industries, new technologies, open assembly-type construction-related courses, innovative talent training model, to provide professional protection.

Ⅷ. To evaluate new construction industrialization projects

(31)Develop evaluation criteria. The establishment of a new construction industrialization project evaluation technical indicators system, focusing on the application of information technology, leading construction projects to continuously improve labor productivity and building quality.

(32)Establish a mechanism for the application of evaluation results. After the completion of the project, the new construction industrialization project unit is encouraged to carry out self-evaluation or entrust third-party evaluation according to the evaluation criteria, and actively explore the evaluation of the regional new building industrialization system, and the evaluation results can be used as an important reference for the incentive policy.

Ⅸ. Increase policy support

(33)Strengthen project implementation. The housing and urban-rural construction departments of all localities shall, in conjunction with relevant departments, organize the compilation of special plans and annual development plans for the industrialization of new buildings, clarifying development goals, key tasks, and specific implementation scope. It is necessary to intensify the promotion and clarify the incentive measures for the industrialization of new buildings in all aspects of project approval, project approval, and project management. Government investment projects should take the lead in constructing new construction industrialization methods, and encourage and support social investment projects to adopt new construction industrialization methods.

(34)Increase financial support. Support new-type construction industrialized enterprises to raise financing through the issuance of corporate bonds and corporate bonds. Improve the policy environment for green finance to support the industrialization of new buildings, actively explore diversified green financial support methods, and provide green financial support for new building industrialization projects that meet the star-level standard of green buildings. Make good use of the National Green Development Fund, and encourage localities to set up special funds without adding new hidden debts.

(35)Increase environmental protection policy support. Support construction companies to do a good job in environmental impact assessment and monitoring. During periods of heavy pollution, new construction industrialization projects such as prefabricated constructions can not stop construction in non-earth and stone operations. Establish construction waste discharge quota standards, carry out construction waste discharge publicity at construction sites, and encourage local governments to reward construction companies that meet construction waste reduction requirements.

(36)Strengthen scientific and technological promotion support. Promote national key research and development plans and scientific research projects to support the research and development of new building industrialization technologies, and encourage localities to prioritize the inclusion of new building industrialization-related technologies in the housing and urban-rural construction fields to promote application technology announcements and scientific and technological achievements promotion catalogs.

(37)Increase policy support for awards. Incorporate the development level of urban new building industrialization into the selection of the China Human Settlement Award and the National Ecological Garden City Evaluation Index System. Vigorously support new-type building industrialization projects to participate in the green building innovation award selection.


Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China 
Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China 
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China
Ministry of Natural Resources of the People's Republic of China 
Ministry of Ecology Environment of the People's Republic of China 
People's Bank of China
State Administration for Market Regulation
China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission 
August 28, 2020


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